Wednesday, August 10, 2016

another excerpt from Fuckerbutt Happy Time

No clue who or what or when or why or how he is. He's Alex Jimenez. He has a Gemini sun. Twenty-six degrees. His moon is at nine degrees Taurus. His Mercury is at seven degrees Gemini. His Mars is at seven degrees Libra. His Jupiter is at zero Scorpio. His Venus is at twenty-one degrees Taurus. degree Sagittarius. Neptune? Twenty-five degrees Sagittarius. Pluto? Twenty-four degrees Libra. Vertex? Twenty-seven degrees Leo. Ascendant? Twenty-three degrees Capricorn. He hates social media. He has strong hands. He fixes things. He fishes. He plays the guitar. He can dance. He can fuck. He can kiss. He brushes and flosses his teeth. He doesn't collect anything. He reads. He can bake a cake if he feels like it. He has no love for silly vapid self-absorbed bitches. He smells really fucking good.

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