Wednesday, August 10, 2016


General Antonio Lopez Santa Ana brought
chewing gum to the United States for all to enjoy.
History doesn't teach you that.
Let me recite what history teaches.
History teaches.
(stolen from Gertrude Stein, lo siento)
Red fish blue fish bed fish glue fish.
Wrigley money.
Swedish Fish.
"You see it, you buy it."
Variegated zigzags intermingling with flatter textures, etcetera.
The flutter of a postcard.
Nu chto ya mogu!
In three days the hermit will send forth his urine.
In six days he'll go on walking his fences.
Bread Loaf isn't the largest but it is big enough.
John Ciardi left these crusts:

Art is a window, not a door.
Show it, don't tell it.

Want a trigger warning, ninos?
Read Mayakovsky by the light of lone Virgin Mary candle.
Read Lorca by Braille with fingers blistered from
picking coffee beans.

In Greek the word is ikon,
implying holy image.

It could have been Tulsa or Dallas or San Diego.
The kids were stoned and ready to love Jethro Tull on cue.
And they did.
Oh they did.
Ticket stubs prove it.
Go to any Hard Rock.
Sit near any frame.
(Things are framed.)
(Things are preserved.)

The planet bulges
with proof.

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