Sunday, April 30, 2017


Private videos, photographs and Misti scented panties available via PayPal payments. Books. Art. Dental floss. Lipstick. Everything is for sale, even my ass. Especially my ass. There's a ten second timer on my $200 Kodak. I'm still searching for that holiest grail, Legitimate Work From Home Gig. My panties are legitimate. My beauty and sex appeal are fading fast. Capture what you can while you can. I could die soon! I drive a subpar vehicle all over San Antonio! The other day I was hit from behind while leaving the Walmart parking lot. The asshole in the Mercedes was gesturing and screaming and making ugly faces because he was so goddamn anxious to get to wherever the fuck he was going. I put my Chevrolet Cobalt in park. I got out of the car. Slammed my door. I had hell in my eyes. Asshole got out of Mercedes, said,"Are you okay?" I said,"Don't talk to me, I'm getting my phone." My phone was in my trunk because the passenger door doesn't lock. Checked my bumper. No damage. I grabbed my phone, got back in my car, slammed the door and drove home. I wasn't crying. So maybe I shouldn't be on disability, after all.


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