Thursday, May 25, 2017

another automatic writing experiment

cougar sally bologna derelict
spam broken tired george michael
jose cuervo misti go to bed
misti get a job
misti show the fuck up
and do the fucking work
misti wake up
you are playing
with time
you are dying slow
go grab it
with both hands
and make
the motherfucker bounce
remember the letter I sent you
from prison
you were a teenager
hiding in your room
with the JcPenney's comforter
and Rhett and Scarlett on the wall
and Jessica Wakefield and Rapunzel on the shelves
and you had just started bleeding
and you wondered what it felt like
to be kissed by a man
and you dreamed
and you wished
and you ached
and you danced around to Beatles songs
and you mourned John Lennon
and I sent you a letter from prison
drew you wearing a crown of stars
and Misti
damn it
be that woman
be the woman
with stars in her hair
and open the door
and walk outside
you know there is nothing to lose
no one better than you
Ramona Ramona
all the guides
all the gods
all the lights
you've glimpsed heaven
while walking the dirt roads of Texas
remember that night
you stood outside the chapel filled with candles
and you cried and said
It's The Most Beautiful Thing I Ever Saw
and the typewritten letter from your first Scorpio friend
and you found it
after you found out
she had died
racing home past curfew
you've lived Texas
you've survived Texas
you've written Texas
you are not
to be fucked with
you are finally
fierce with reality
so fucking use it

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