Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Baddest Bitch in San Antonio

At the karaoke bar he threw back Johnnie Walker and I threw back Jack Daniels. I pranced around the stage drunk off my ass singing "You Know I'm No Good." The two tattoos on his arms were of what he called The Good Girl and The Bad Girl. The Good Girl is smiling and wearing a sombrero. She probably has respectable clothes on. The Bad Girl is smirking with her tits out. After fucking me in my apartment that night in April he told me,"The Bad Girl is probably going to win." I thought I was The Bad Girl for sure but he told me that night in the first dive bar, before the Adele song came on, that I was The Good Girl. Goddamn it. Whose dick did I have to suck to be the baddest bitch in San Antonio?

(from No Guns No Knives No Disco Biscuits)
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